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Huotan is a service provided to users by Guangzhou Qianshui Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company"). In order to facilitate your reasonable use of this service, please be sure to read carefully and fully understand the terms and conditions of the "Stall Network Service Terms" (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") and individual service items, especially the exemptions or Clauses that limit liability, and separate agreements for registering to open or use a service. If you start to use any of the services provided by huotan.com, you are deemed to have read and fully understood the terms of service of this website and fully agree to be bound by all the above agreements. If you are under 18 years of age, please read these terms in the company of a legal guardian and pay attention to understanding the terms.

1. Scope of agreement

The main body of this clause is the users of Huantan.com or mobile applications (users of related services of this website) and Huantan.com (huotan.com and related websites, hereinafter referred to as this website) and their related services.  

Second, the content of the agreement

2.1 Services under this clause (hereinafter referred to as "this service")

It is an Internet application delivery and operation and maintenance platform provided by the company, and its surrounding services.

2.2 The service methods of using the Huotan are as follows:

Third, the user's commitment and guarantee

In order to protect your legal rights and interests when using this service, you agree to make the following commitments and guarantees:

3.1 If you register on the Huotan and obtain a Huotan network account, it means that you agree and guarantee:

3.2 Account confidentiality guarantee:

You will be fully responsible for all operations and remarks using the account and password, and you have agreed to:

3.3 Legality guarantee of user behavior

3.4 Use of service rules

3. The company's commitment to users

Information confidentiality guarantee

Protecting user personal information is a basic principle of the Huotan. The stall network will collect, use, store and share your personal information in accordance with the provisions of this article, and will use the existing various security technologies and procedures to establish a relatively complete management system to protect your personal information from unauthorized Access, use or disclosure.

Stall.com will not transfer or disclose your personal information to any unrelated third party unless:

4. Statement of the responsibility of the Huotan

You fully understand and agree that the services of the Huotan are provided in accordance with the status quo that can be achieved with existing technology and conditions.

Stall Network will do its utmost to provide you with services to ensure the continuity and security of the service; but Huotan cannot always anticipate and prevent legal, technical and other risks, including but not limited to force majeure, viruses, Trojan horses, hacker attacks, system failures Stability, third-party service defects, government actions, and other reasons may lead to service interruption, data loss, and other losses and risks. When you encounter the above risks, the stall network will not be responsible for your losses.

V. Intellectual Property Statement

Sixth, service change, interruption, termination

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